Get a second brain is a writing tool for marketers and founders.

It makes a virtual copy of your memory and uses it as your extremely highly specialized assistant in the content creation process. is a content creation assistant

You are your best theoretically possible content creation assistant in the world.

Tweet writing assistantavailable now

Use the copy of your brain to assist you with creating tweets.

Reply & commentavailable now

Write meaningful and truly yours replies to posts on 𝕏 and LinkedIn.

Text interviewcoming in Q3 2024

Make text interviews like this one within minutes, not hours.

Blog post creationcoming in Q4 2024

Populate your personal blog with real stories.

Podcastcoming in Q2 2025

Clone your brain and make it run a podcast while your are asleep.

YouTube videocoming in Q4 2024

Create a talking-head video

Just AI is not enough...

"Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence; it is a tool to amplify human creativity and ingenuity."

Says Fei-Fei Li, Sequoia Capital professor of computer science at Stanford University and former board director at Twitter. 

Cute robot frog  dynamic pose  jumping

... so we pair YOU with AI.

We upload your brain to the cloud. All your memory, way of thinking, humor, experience, background is used to teach an LLM.

Then we teach it on the best pieces of content on the Inetrnet. 

This is how your perfect assistant is created..

Curve swirl line abstract 2

Pricing Plans

  • Cute robot cat  dynamic pose  running fast


    5 credits (equivalent of 3 tweets per month).

    Try before you buy.
  • Cute robot lion  dynamic pose  running fast


    /12 months
    100 credits (equivalent of 60 tweets per month).

    For actively growing accounts (1,000+ followers).

Delegate Authenticity

Think of as a next-gen Grammarly.